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LEX join all of us with Born To Stay Together and its whistle.

LEX’s new single “Born to Stay Together” came out yesterday, a song which claims the most universal love among all of us. Produced by Tato Latorre at LA Sucursal (Barcelona) it brings a really pop sound with soul roots with a very catchy whistle mixing a strong production with a leading acoustic guitar. Lex revealed is a song who has rescued from his old catalogue and has rewrited hand to hand with his brother Josh.
We’re sure “Born to Stay Together” is coming out to encourage us to continue struggling and supporting us to get over theses tough times. Have a great weekend, Enjoy!

LEX #togetherathome Live Concert is out on YouTube

A week ago,LEX dedicated this concert to all the families and victims of Covid-19. Also to the medical staff, hospitals, cleaning staff, transport staff, police, foodshops staff, emergency staff… and one of each one who is staying at home to contribute to the defeat of the virus.He finished saying ” I’m sure we will be together again very soon. We have to love ourselves, love the rest, look after our families and take care of the nature. Love and Peace to the world” Hope you like the concert! Don’t stop the music.


Hi guys, Happy to tell you LEX has just revealed the name of his own creative space and music studio.
Witchy City Studios 🧙‍♀️
A few days ago LEX announced on his social media:
“Welcome️ to my workplace, portable music studio, musical home where magic and music come together to get a fucking exciting energy. From here I work for LEX project, for music publishing catalogue and for all kind of projects of any music styles From Madrid, London, Los Angeles and Miami.If you are a music lover, sound lover, if you like the art of creating, play instruments, work on composition … WITCHY CITY STUDIOS is for you.Follow 👉@witchycitystudios and find out about all the services. (Currently just online)”

LEX’s new single “BORN TO STAY TOGETHER” is coming out in May!

Hi guys, Lex has already announced on his social media his new upcoming single “Born To Stay Together” is coming out on May 8th. Produced by Tato Latorre again, one of the best music producers in Spain ,Lex has already set up for his next released, a song which represents the universal love among us and the whole world. He has also revealed the song is gonna available in two versions (English/Spanish).
Can’t Wait to hear it! Stay Tuned!

LEX performs at ChCuatroGas Office (Acoustic Live Sessions)

Hi guys, ChCuatroGas, the Official Sponsor of the 2020LexTour has invited the artist to perform at their offices located in Madrid. Lex has been performing “Unlucky” and his recent single “Kill Da Pressure” with some of his bandmates, his brother Josh on electronic drums and bass and the two back up singers, Adela Chain and Valerie.
As soon as possible, after the quarantine we will know more details about the 2020Tour and its promotion. In the meantime we will keep you update with all the lastes news about LEX. Enjoy the videos and keep safe and strong!

LEX aterriza con su nuevo single ” Kill Da Pressure” desde la ciudad de Los Angeles, California.

Tras su éxito con su balada Unlucky, LEX aterriza con ” Kill Da Pressure” nuevo single del proyecto. Grabado entre España (Dopplermedia) y Londres (Abbey Road Studios) junto a su hermano Josh, y Alberto Caballero en producción y mezcla, LEX nos trae un single lleno de esperanza, fuerza y lucha. Mezclando el Pop Rock y el Funk como marca habitual y con algún tinte electronico, LEX nos sorprende por su su buena onda , guitarras al mas puro Country Pop, melodías “catchy” y una produccion fersca y happy. Rodado en la ciudad de Los Angeles, en una casa en Bel-Air junto a sus amigos más cercanos y musicos de su banda.
Un single perfecto para dejar a un lado las malas vibras y rodearse de lo mejor esta primavera.

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About LEX…

LEX is a musical ‘character’ created by the talented and multi-faceted pop/rock Spanish artist Alex Ayora. LEX really does encompass it all – not only is he a renowned singer and composer in his native country, he is also a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, bass, drums and piano who has worked with a plethora of other artists and big brands.
LEX became the artistic persona of Alex from an early age, from the very moment he picked up his first electric guitar at the age of eleven, and started playing blues, rock, soul, funk, jazz. Amongst his many influences are global legends The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Michael Jackson, Santana, Eagles, Amy Winehouse, Jay Z, AC/DC, Stevie Wonder, BB King, Eric Clapton and many others. And you will hear all their many eclectic influences in his music- expertly transformed by LEX into a heady, unique, brew of ‘pure emotion music’.
LEX is a successful solo artist but has also worked with many other well-known artists such as Descemer Bueno, Ana Mena, Erika Ender, Carlos Jean and on The Voice Spain. As well as famous brand events for the likes of Harley Davidson, Madrid Fashion Week, Coca Cola Summer Spot, James L Knight Center Miami….and many more.
He’s currently working and developing his own music career, working and touring between Spain and UK, and recording his upcoming singles at Abbey Road Studios, London.

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